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Transforming Haunted Portrait - Tell No Tales - 18x24


This dastardly rogue first appears to be proudly displaying his plundered gold in the tavern as he clutches a pint of ale. With one eye blind and a wicked scar across his cheek, he appears quite formidable indeed! Unfortunately for him, he must have boasted too loudly about his fortunes, for his transformation reveals his fate as a skeleton impaled with a cutlass through his back and bullet holes in the wall behind him. The ale tankard is cracked and empty and his clothes are torn and frayed, undoubtedly chewed by the rats which have taken the place of his stolen dubloons. The back wall has deteriorated with time and red-eyed cats are shown peeking through at this desolate scene. The piece is aptly titled "Tell No Tales" - a warning to those who boast of their riches.

The original art for this piece was rendered by the very talented artist
Alan M. Clark for exclusive use in this portrait.
"Tell No Tales" is a LIMITED run of 500 of the 18" x 24" size.
Get them while they last!

This high-quality art piece will be a unique addition to your spooky decor,
or could effectively be used to spice up any Halloween or Mystery party!
Visitors will shriek in terror as this picture changes before their eyes!

The portrait changes depending on your perspective.
For example, if you stand still, it does not change at all.
But when you walk past it, either left to right or right to left,
you will see it animatedly morph into a ghastly creature of the night.
It's an amazing effect, which must be seen in person
to be truly appreciated!
(or un-appreciated if you weren't expecting it!)

This is NOT a hologram.
It's production is a very closely-guarded trade secret,
and is a very time-consuming process.
Please note that the the portrait is UN-FRAMED,
and measures an impressive 18" x 24" inches!

Please order all larger-sized Haunted Portraits
separately from any other items
These are shipped directly to you from the artist,
via registered, insured Priority Mail.


Please email us with any questions.

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